Black Hat Certified Pentester (BCPen) certification to launch at Black Hat USA 2023

Black Hat, in partnership with The SecOps Group, announced its certification, Black Hat Certified Pentester (BCPen). BCPen will be launched at the Black Hat USA 2023 in Las Vegas in August.

BCPen is an intermediate-level exam. It is intended to be taken by professional pen testers, bug-bounty hunters, in-house red and blue team personnel, SOC analysts, and anyone wanting to test or benchmark their existing knowledge across various topics involving hands-on pentesting.

The practical, in-person exam covers various topics, and attendees will have to obtain various flags associated with each topic to complete each section. The exam comprises 4 hours of CTF-style hacking on application security topics and 4 hours of infrastructure hacking topics.

“There are currently huge gaps in the cyber certification industry. With our practical exams, we are aiming to provide an authentic and credible certification that is up-to-date and represents real-life business risks. We are thrilled to have this partnership with Black Hat,” said Sumit Siddharth, CEO,The SecOps Group.

Steven Wylie, General Manager at Black Hat added, “The Certification track is a natural progression for Black Hat events. Attendees will not only learn new skills via our training and briefings program, but now we are enabling our attendees (and their employers) to validate their skills which in turn will enable them to progress their career.”

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