Expected advancements in quantum cryptography

Quantum computing has surged in popularity recently, with its revolutionary computational capabilities transforming the technology sector. While some are skeptical of its real-world potential, others are more visionary about its future.

In this Help Net Security video, Vanesa Diaz, CEO at LuxQuanta, talks about how precautions must be taken ahead of this new quantum age, where cybersecurity solutions require significant attention and developments to ensure the protection and security of data.

The cryptographic methods employed today face an uncertain future. With the advent of quantum computing, the once unbreakable codes generated by complex algorithms are now at risk of being deciphered. In just a few short years, quantum computers are expected to reach a level of capability that will make cracking these codes a simple task.

The window of opportunity for hackers to “harvest now and decrypt later” is rapidly closing, leaving valuable and sensitive information vulnerable to theft. As time runs out, we must take steps to secure our data before it’s too late.

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