XIoT risk and the vulnerability landscape

Recently, Claroty released its State of XIoT Security Report, which shares analyses of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities affecting operational technology (OT), internet of things (IoT) devices, and most recently, the internet of medical things (IoMT).

In this Help Net Security video, Nadav Erez, VP of Data at Claroty, discuss these findings and the critical need to understand the XIoT risk and vulnerability landscape.

Some of the dominant trends include:

  • 73% of vulnerabilities uncovered are critical or high severity – 487 out of 688 total vulnerabilities.
  • 62% of published OT vulnerabilities affect devices at Level 3 of the Purdue Model for ICS.
  • IoT/IoMT vulnerabilities dropped from a combined 120 in the 1H 2022 to just 45 in H2 2022 – a 63% decrease.

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