Optiv launches OT cyber services to help organizations identify business-specific OT risks

Digitization and the heavy adoption of connected devices are enabling organizations to reach new heights and, at the same time, have intensified the threat landscape and extended the attack surface.

As organizations work to reap the benefits of the IT, OT and industrial control system (ICS) convergence, Optiv is helping businesses secure their critical hardware, systems and processes with a full suite of OT security advisory, deployment and management services.

Organizations need a path to mature their OT while also protecting what is most important to the business: safety, uptime and resiliency.

Optiv’s OT cyber advisors hold nearly 130 combined years of on-the-ground ICS experience. They provide the foundation for identifying and quantifying risk with assessments, threat modeling, roadmapping, network validation, site walks and policy building.

“We’re seeing organizations manage their production environment more effectively while improving their security posture. This has resulted in reduced downtime and increased output,” said Sean Tufts, Optiv’s OT security services leader.

“New endpoints and data sources also create hidden vulnerabilities. Traditional network security struggles to map cyber risk, which puts an OT-driven facility’s entire state of being on shaky ground. An impact to OT is an impact to the bottom line,” Tufts continued.

Optiv provides the necessary tools and services for organizations to gain control over protecting their crucial functions, SCADA systems and both company- and vendor-owned devices.

Experts work closely with finely vetted technology partners on OT technology racking, stacking, tuning and integration.

In addition, OT/ICS clients can lift the operational burden from their in-house security teams, with Optiv customizing managed security services to their unique business needs.

These might include real-time threat detection and response, platform patching, device maintenance and continuous technology configuration and optimization in OT alert triaging, technology management and Optiv’s OT SOC and Advanced Fusion Center.

Whether it is mastering the fundamentals or building advanced capabilities, Optiv’s OT cyber services are designed to help identify business-specific OT risks for an integrated approach that spans an organization’s entire ecosystem.

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