McAfee+ offers identity restoration and lost wallet assistance in Italy

The new McAfee+ product suite, launched in Italy, allows users access to identity restoration and lost wallet assistance, as well as the ability to secure all their devices with award-winning protection against threats and viruses.

As part of the new product line announcement, McAfee also introduced protection for Chromebooks, with antivirus, VPN, safe browsing, and identity monitoring for Chrome OS users.

According to McAfee’s 2022 Consumer Research, 75% of consumers are concerned that their financial information is compromised. Meanwhile, 76% worry their identity might be stolen from an online transaction and 70% are concerned their information ends up on the dark web.

McAfee+ was purpose-built to provide online protection that includes proactive monitoring of the dark web for personal information, and the integration of McAfee’s acclaimed antivirus protection and Secure VPN. To bolster identity theft protection, McAfee+ Advanced includes expert assistance for identity restoration in cases of identity theft and lost wallet support.

“We’re spending more and more of our time online for work, education, social media, banking and communications to family and friends and with that comes risk of cybercriminals looking to land malware in our devices, steal identities, access private information and more,” said Vonny Gamot, Head of EMEA, McAfee.

“McAfee+ is designed to deliver against those trends and threats, by helping users be more protected against identity breaches to minimize future threats,” Gamot added.

“McAfee is in the business of protecting people, not just devices,” said Greg Johnson, President and CEO, McAfee. “McAfee+ reflects that spirit by offering a simple, effortless way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your data. We are proud to introduce it to our product line-up so that more people can confidently experience life online.”

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