Edgio Advanced Bot Management protects users against bot attacks

Edgio has released Advanced Bot Management solution that proactively mitigates a wide range of evolving malicious bots while providing observability into good bots.

Leveraging massive amounts of data continuously drawn from the platform’s extensive global deployment, Advanced Bot Manager applies machine learning to detect bots based on both signature and behavioral fingerprinting. The solution runs natively on every server across the entire Edgio global network to inspect all traffic for bots in real time.

Analyst firm Forrester says about the bot problem, “Bad bots continue to consume resources and overwhelm organizations, accounting for at least a quarter of all internet traffic.”

That said, proper bot management is critical to any online business or organization with internet-facing applications. Edgio’s threat research and data science teams built the solution to mitigate a wide range of prevalent bot attacks, including account takeover (ATO), credential stuffing, fake account creation, gift card fraud, inventory scalping, scraping, application DDoS and more.

The solution is easily deployed in minutes and eliminates the need for code changes, SDK integrations or JavaScript injections that add complexity and impact user experience.

It is infrastructure and network agnostic, giving customers complete freedom to easily integrate with their cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises infrastructure. In addition, the Edgio Advanced Bot Manager agentless solution protects both web and mobile apps as well as API endpoints against all bot attacks.

Key features include:

  • Machine-learning bot detection – Through its patent-pending machine-learning decision engine, Edgio’s Advanced Bot Management uses signature and behavioral models to distinguish between good bots – SEO or monitoring bot, etc. – and bad bots. By applying scores to bad bots, Advanced Bot Manager enables security teams to create advanced policies and set various mitigating actions based on different bot score thresholds.
  • Supports granular policy controls – Highly configurable, Edgio Advanced Bot Manager supports multiple actions including alert (log only), block, browser challenge, CAPTCHA, redirect and custom responses to respond to bot traffic. The solution also offers users the ability to create allowlists based on URL, user-agent, TLS fingerprints, cookie and more, as well as customized bot signatures for sophisticated attacks.
  • Integrated component of multi-layered security – Built natively as part of Edgio Web Application and API Protection (WAAP), it detects and mitigates attacks at the edge with higher performance and efficacy. Being part of the WAAP protection layers, the Advanced Bot Manager provides great synergies on top of existing Access Control, Rate Limiting, Custom Virtual Patching and Managed Rule Set to provide holistic protection against all web security vulnerabilities. The entire solution can be set up and deployed in less than five minutes.

The solution is an integral component of Edgio’s multi-layered security portfolio, which includes Web Application & API Protection (WAAP), DDoS Protection, Origin Shield, Authoritative DNS, and TLS Encryption for comprehensive web security.

“The new capabilities we are announcing today build on our acquisition of Edgecast and the 3X growth of our security engineering team to provide best-in-class bot management capabilities with minimal complexity and maximum cost-effectiveness,” said Ajay Kapur, CTO and GM, Applications, at Edgio.

“By building these innovative new features directly into the platform, instead of routing traffic out of the network or leveraging third-party solutions, we help ensure that our customers’ applications achieve maximum performance while still remaining secure,” Kapur concluded.

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