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Cybersecurity teams gear up for tougher challenges in 2024

In this Help Net Security video, Tom Gorup, VP of Security Services at Edgio, discusses the continually changing threat landscape. It is riddled with vulnerabilities that are …

Edgio ASM reduces risk from web application vulnerabilities

Edgio launched its Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution. ASM is designed to discover all web assets, provide full inventory of technologies, detect security exposures and …

Edgio Client-Side Protection enables organizations to secure critical customer data

Edgio released its Client-Side Protection solution. Designed to monitor scripts and APIs on the browser-side to prevent malicious code from exfiltrating sensitive customer …

Edgio Application Bundles eliminate unpredictable usage-based costs

Edgio introduced Protect and Perform Applications Bundles, a solution that combines Tier-1 web performance capabilities with a full-spectrum web security suite and …

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Edgio Advanced Bot Management protects users against bot attacks

Edgio has released Advanced Bot Management solution that proactively mitigates a wide range of evolving malicious bots while providing observability into good bots. Leveraging …

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Edgio Applications platform v7 accelerates developer team velocity

The Edgio Applications Platform v7 new integrated performance and security features are designed to increase organizational revenues and accelerate developer team velocity …

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Edgio enhances its security platform with DDoS scrubbing and WAAP capabilities

Edgio has enhanced its Security platform enabling enterprises to better detect and respond to emerging threats while ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of …

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