Intruder launches continuous attack surface monitoring for SMBs

Intruder has launched its continuous attack surface monitoring capabilities.

Intruder attack surface monitoring

The company’s new premium plan offering takes vulnerability management to the next level with continuous coverage, increasing visibility and transparency of external attack surfaces.

On average, 65 new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Businesses of all sizes need visibility of a constantly evolving external attack surface, and to continually manage their exposure to avoid being breached.

Intruder’s continuous network scanning includes adaptive attack surface scans, which automatically kick off a vulnerability scan as soon as a network change is detected, minimising the window of opportunity before a fix is implemented.

“For our current customers using this adaptive attack surface scan feature, we’re seeing 2-3 adaptive attack surface scans per day on average per customer,” said Andy Hornegold, Product Lead, Intruder.

“We’re already starting to see new vulnerabilities uncovered off the back of these – continuous cyber security isn’t proactive anymore, it’s necessary,” Hornegold added.

The continuous monitoring offering also comprises rapid response and emerging threat scan features to continuously monitor for exposure to the latest threats, in addition to changes in its customers IT environments.

Priority emerging threat scans automatically scan customers as soon as a check for a new vulnerability is released – highlighting any weaknesses within hours.

Even before a check is released, if a new threat poses a risk to a premium plan customer, the Intruder security team proactively sends practical and tailored recommendations; helping businesses eliminate potential weaknesses in their networks, limiting exposure time, and accelerating time to remediation.

“The time cyber criminals take to exploit vulnerabilities is shrinking, so as defenders we need our exposure window to be as small as possible,” said Chris Wallis, CEO of Intruder.

“We’re excited to release a plan dedicated to moving our customers even further down the path of continuous cyber security and reducing that window of opportunity for attackers,” Wallis concluded.

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