New infosec products of the week: May 12, 2023

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Aqua Security, Feedzai, Nebulon, OpenVPN, Trua, and Zscaler.

infosec products May 2023

Aqua Security strengthens software supply chain security with pipeline integrity scanning

Powered by eBPF technology, Aqua’s pipeline integrity scanner detects and blocks suspicious behaviour and malware in real time, preventing code tampering and countering threats in the software build process.

infosec products May 2023

OpenVPN DIVE helps admins build ZTNA defined access control policies

DIVE on CloudConnexa gives administrators the power to leverage one of the key principles of ZTNA — least privilege — granting access only to the resources a user should have, exclusively from the devices they are authorized to use.

infosec products May 2023

Zscaler expands Digital Experience with AI-powered insights to support workforce productivity

With the recent ZDX updates, Zscaler uses AI-powered insights to empower IT Operations and Service Desk teams with insights, diagnostics, and remediation needed to ensure digital experiences and support workforce productivity, especially within organizations where applications, data and their users are widely distributed.

infosec products May 2023

Feedzai ScamPrevent protects bank customers from financial scams

Feedzai enhances its RiskOps Platform, enabling banks to better protect their customers from a wide variety of financial scams. These new Feedzai ScamPrevent capabilities deliver detection, classification, and interception of the widest variety of payment scams and financial fraud typologies.

infosec products April 2023

Nebulon unveils threat detection solution for cryptographic ransomware

TripLine uses ML running in the Secure Enclave to identify encrypted versus unencrypted blocks in real-time. Every 30 seconds, these results are sent to the Nebulon ON cloud which uses a combination of ML and statistical models to compare that data to the historical average of encrypted blocks for a given volume. A spike in encrypted blocks will generate an alert within a few minutes of the first suspicious result.

infosec products May 2023

TruaID helps consumers keep personal information secure

TruaID, a digital identification system, eliminates the need for users to repeatedly provide businesses, government agencies or potential employers with their private personal information, such as Social Security number, driver’s license, birth certificate or other documents.

infosec products May 2023

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