Hammerspace acquires Rozo Systems to help users accelerate data analytics

Hammerspace acquires Rozo Systems to expand the performance and hyperscale capacity capabilities of its unstructured Data Orchestration System.

Data-driven organizations have rapidly become more decentralized, with files being created, analyzed, and moved across locations constantly. The speed of capturing the data, identifying which is most valuable, and making the valuable data available to the applications and users anywhere they need will differentiate the successful businesses of the future.

“Organizations need performance throughout their workflows,” said Pierre Evenou, previous Rozo Systems CEO and now VP, Advanced Technology at Hammerspace. “The integration of Rozo’s technology into the Hammerspace Data Orchestration System will help organizations get the most out of their expensive data creation instruments and compute clusters while also accelerating data analytics and collaboration.”

Rozo’s performance capabilities, using industry-standard hardware, can deliver 1Tb/s+ with only eight commodity servers connected on a 200Gb/E network.

Together with the Hammerspace Data Orchestration System, this allows customers to orchestrate files directly to the compute, application, or user at peak performance, nearly saturating the capabilities of their infrastructure. This approach provides maximum flexibility and enables customers to seamlessly expand workflows across any on-prem or cloud storage from any vendor.

“Rozo’s best-in-class erasure coding provides the right balance of price, performance, capacity efficiency, resiliency and availability,” said Tony Asaro, SVP of Business Development for Hammerspace. “This is essential for organizations with massive amounts of data for multi-site and hybrid cloud environments. Additionally, the Rozo team has years of experience and expertise in file systems, networking, performance and more, further bolstering Hammerspace’s technical leadership.”

The Rozo Systems technical leadership team, now part of Hammerspace

  • Pierre Evenou is now a member of the Hammerspace leadership team as Vice President, Advanced Technology.
  • Didier Féron and Jean-Pierre Monchanin are members of the Hammerspace development team as Senior Staff Software Engineers.
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