ServiceNow releases generative AI capabilities for the Now Platform to deliver workflow automation

ServiceNow has announced new generative AI capabilities for the Now Platform to help deliver workflow automation. The new solutions—ServiceNow Generative AI Controller and Now Assist for Search—expand ServiceNow’s AI functionality with built-in capabilities that apply the power of generative AI to enterprise applications.

With these solutions, companies can expect to reduce costs while driving higher productivity, smarter experiences, and faster time to value. Additionally, ServiceNow and Microsoft also expanded their existing strategic partnership to connect the Now Platform to Azure OpenAI Service, enabling customers to realize the promise of generative AI in a secure, trusted way.

“ServiceNow’s intelligent end-to-end Now Platform is uniquely positioned to deliver generative AI’s full potential to customers and help them take speed, efficiency, and great experiences to the next level,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer at ServiceNow.

“By augmenting the Now Platform with powerful new generative AI features and including access to Azure OpenAI Service, we are giving customers a built-in action layer of intelligence,” Desai added.

“ServiceNow’s integration with Azure OpenAI Service is a great example of empowering customers to improve productivity and faster time to value with generative AI,” said John Montgomery, Corporate VP, AI Platform Microsoft.

“Azure OpenAI Service provides customers with access to the most powerful large language models available with the enterprise capabilities of Azure. We look forward to connecting Azure OpenAI Service with the Now Platform, enabling customers to quickly add generative AI intelligence to a multitude of use cases, while ensuring the highest security levels and responsible approach to AI innovation,” Montgomery continued.

Generative AI scales digital business today

The ServiceNow Generative AI Controller allows organizations to connect ServiceNow instances to both Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and OpenAI API large language models. It includes built-in actions so customers can integrate generative AI capabilities—like answering questions, summarizing content, and content generation—into existing ServiceNow experiences such as Virtual Agent from a single integration point.

The ServiceNow Generative AI Controller can be used for seamless integration on the Now Platform to unlock more efficient self-service and work experiences.

Generative AI Controller is also configurable as part of ServiceNow’s suite of low-code development tools, so that anyone across the enterprise can apply generative AI to automation applications. With this solution, companies can optimize workflows and innovate at scale on the Now Platform—regardless of technical ability.

Now Assist for Search provides natural language responses based on the customer’s own knowledge base when users pose questions in Portal Search, Next Experience, or Virtual Agent.

Because Now Assist for Search pulls information from within a customer’s environment, customers can trust that robust security layers are applied and results are more accurate, reducing the likelihood of error or hallucinations.

Building on ServiceNow’s existing AI-powered search, Now Assist for Search is the first deeply embedded capability to use the Generative AI Controller across all experiences, to make search results even more relevant and specific for internal agents or external customers.

Both features are enabled through an expansion of the ServiceNow-Microsoft strategic partnership, which includes new AI use cases powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

ServiceNow and Microsoft already partner on the delivery of joint applications and integrations for Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as Azure for Regulated and Commercial Markets.

The future of generative AI drives business transformation across every function

ServiceNow will continue to apply the power of generative AI to new use cases to extend the power of productivity across every business function and industry.

Generative AI Controller and Now Assist for Search will enable customers to:

  • Prioritize incidents (with explanation in natural language) and provide a chat summary for intake agents in a Service Operations Workspace to get up to speed and resolve issues more quickly.
  • Generate chat responses for customer service agents to help customers more quickly and generate knowledge articles automatically when a gap is detected.
  • Help an employee complete processes such as changes to benefits enrollments or requesting a new laptop right from the Search bar in an Employee Workspace using Virtual Agent.

We believe generative AI will usher in a new era of innovation and agility on the Now Platform, enabling customers to accelerate growth, improve satisfaction, and drive innovation on one platform.

In the future, generative AI will enable powerful levels of human productivity on the Now Platform —from helping call center and service agents access and analyze critical information more quickly, to allowing engineers to speed up development at scale through text to code and text to workflow.

“The explosive popularity of generative AI has created an inflection point for enterprises, who are increasingly looking to capitalize on these novel innovations as a means to drive more business value,” said Dave Schubmehl, research VP, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent knowledge discovery research at IDC.

“Organizations are seeking out vendors with battle-tested, secure, and trusted AI capabilities so they can empower their teams with improved productivity to achieve greater competitive advantage within their industries,” Schubmehl continued.

“Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Now Platform will revolutionize business models and workflows across every industry,” said Gary Plotkin, Principal, Advisory and Global ServiceNow Lead for KPMG.

“KPMG and ServiceNow’s longstanding alliance has empowered countless organizations to deliver value through technology, and these enhanced capabilities will accelerate time to value. As a part of our own efforts to embed generative AI into KPMG’s operations, we’ve been able to leverage the power of the Now Platform to identify new value-creation opportunities and efficiencies,” Plotkin concluded.

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