Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure delivers disaster recovery (DR) and mobility at scale

Zerto has announced the launch of Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure, delivering enhanced disaster recovery (DR) and mobility for complete infrastructure flexibility. Zerto 10 delivers a new replication architecture for scale-out efficiency and native protection of Azure Virtual Machines (VMs).

Zerto 10 provides new support for multi-disk consistency for VMs in Microsoft Azure to protect an organization’s data — not just to and from Azure but also across Azure regions within the cloud. Zerto coordinates replication across all the virtual disks associated with a virtual machine in Azure to maintain data consistency for failover and recovery.

New cloud-based architecture enables easier scale out to thousands of VMs, reduces management complexity, and enables data movers to scale out or back based on I/O levels between production and DR to, from, or within Azure.

“Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure empowers businesses with unparalleled infrastructure flexibility and scalability, offering native protection of Azure Virtual Machines and multi-region support for seamless disaster recovery and mobility,” said Matt Boris, VP, global go-to-market at Zerto.

“With enhanced scale-out efficiency and cloud-based Virtual Replication Appliances, Zerto ensures business remains safe and protected in the cloud,” Boris added.

“Zerto 10 for Microsoft Azure delivers added in-cloud disaster recovery and mobility solutions for our customers,” said Aung Oo, general manager, Azure Storage Engineering at Microsoft.

“By working with Zerto to empower businesses to achieve greater resilience and flexibility in the cloud, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing innovative and secure solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers,” Oo continued.

Making Zerto 10 available in the Azure Marketplace provides accessibility and opportunities for more organizations to protect their data. Zerto cloud components can now be deployed from the marketplace to speed up implementation and help organizations across the globe protect Azure workloads from today’s increasingly sophisticated range of threats.

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