Conceal and White Rock Cybersecurity partner to isolate browsing sessions

Conceal has announced a new strategic partnership with White Rock Cybersecurity.

“White Rock Cybersecurity is committed to delivering innovative, scalable, and manageable solutions in information technology,” said James Range, CEO of White Rock Cybersecurity.

“With the inclusion of Conceal’s Zero Trust isolation technology in our offerings, we are significantly boosting the defense capabilities of our customers against both existing and emerging cyber threats at the edge,” Range added.

ConcealBrowse, Conceal’s flagship product, is a browser extension that turns any existing browser into a zero trust, secure browser. By monitoring and detecting new and potentially malicious URLs, ConcealBrowse can accurately determine if the activity at the edge is safe to continue via the organization’s network. This layer of protection blocks potentially malicious activity, minimizing the success of credential theft and ransomware that bypass other cybersecurity controls.

In cases where the safety of a URL cannot be immediately determined, ConcealBrowse isolates the session, protecting the user’s identity and the organization’s network from potential threats.

“White Rock Cybersecurity has a proven track record of delivering top-tier IT and cybersecurity solutions to their customers,” said Gordon Lawson, CEO of Conceal.

“We are excited to work closely with them to enhance their capabilities further and ensure their clients benefit from our innovative Zero Trust isolation technology,” Lawson continued.

With ConcealBrowse, partners can now provide their customers with a comprehensive malware protection solution for any browser, enhancing the overall cyber resilience of organizations and protecting their digital assets at the edge.

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