Cybellum unveils new brand and platform capabilities

Cybellum unveiled a new brand identity and new platform capabilities reinforcing its commitment to the product security community.

The new brand channels the company’s focus on the multiple teams involved in today’s product security operations.

Now more than ever, product security is a multi-team effort – from vulnerability management to software quality assurance, SBOM management, incident response, and compliance, each part of the workflow is governed by a different team, requiring a specialized, yet unified approach.

The new brand, together with the new platform capabilities enables teams across the organization to automate and simplify the many security tasks they have, making the process more efficient and collaborative at the same time.

Some of the new platform capabilities include:

  • A new interface focusing on multi-team collaborative product security – from asset management and software assurance to incident response and cyber-compliance
  • Corporate Management dashboards provide visibility into the organization’s product security readiness
  • New SBOM management capabilities including one-click SBOM and VEX report generation for entire products, so you no longer need to manually aggregate information from underlying components
  • The Vulnerability Management (VM) CoPilot focuses your team on the most pressing and relevant vulnerabilities by automating exploit analysis
  • A new Malware detection engine secures device software from malicious code, enhances supply chain cybersecurity, and facilitates compliance
  • A revamped Policy Engine with greater customization flexibility automates requirement validation, accelerating compliance with regulations and your own policies
  • A refined Incident Response module facilitates threat intelligence monitoring, automates relevancy assessment, and streamlines the investigation workflow for rapid remediation of post-market incidents

All of these new capabilities are built into the company’s Product Security Platform, a centralized management platform for keeping connected devices cyber secure.

“Product security is still an evolving field, and Cybellum is committed to the success of the teams involved,” says Shlomi Ashkenazy, Cybellum’s Head of Brand. “Throughout the past year, we learned from our customers what are the main gaps they have in their product security process, and worked to close them.”

“To us, working hand in hand with the product security community is the most important aspect of what we do,” added Shlomi, “This new chapter in Cybellum’s brand story echoes the vision and aspirations of that community, and further aligns the Cybellum story and mission with the challenges and needs of our customers.”

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