Code42 helps security analysts to address the most pressing insider events with IRIs

Code42 has added custom Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs) to its Incydr data protection solution.


This addition enables security teams to customize their Insider Risk alerts based on needs specific to their business and industry, thus focusing analysts’ attention on the highest-priority events. This ensures teams can efficiently address the Insider Risk events that could be most detrimental to business.

While there is often heightened attention and numerous protections placed on highly-regulated data (e.g. personal identifiable information), it has been historically difficult for businesses to protect their intellectual property and strategic data from insider events.

This is a costly threat, with insider-driven data exposure, loss, leak, and theft costing companies $16 million per incident on average. These costs are compounding, with insider events on the rise at a rate of 32% year-over-year. As analysts face increasing Insider Risk, in addition to other surging cybersecurity threats, they have limited time to monitor and respond to insider events.

With the new IRIs, Code42 Incydr data protection allows teams to prioritize and focus their efforts on their most important files. This is particularly crucial, as intellectual property and business-specific data differ across sectors.

In addition to out-of-the-box, industry-specific IRIs, Code42 Incydr data protection customers can also customize their risk settings by adding more weight to certain file names, types, sources, and destinations. Example use cases include:

  • Manufacturing companies protecting their proprietary CAD drawings by heavily weighting these file types and names to generate high-priority alerts
  • Technology companies prioritizing data being moved from high-value sources, such as Git repositories, to help protect key corporate intellectual property
  • Life sciences organizations designating specific sources, such as Box, at the highest priority level, in order to protect their most valuable data: including research data and product road maps

“Security analysts from Manufacturing companies are worried about very different types of data than biotech security analysts. While many customers will be happy with our out-of-the-box models, some analysts want more customization,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Code42. “Using custom IRIs, our customers can easily tailor risk prioritization to meet their business-specific needs. This ensures the most pressing Insider Risk alerts are addressed first.”

In addition to custom IRIs, Code42 Incydr data protection allows security teams to easily adjust their response to alerts by training users, containing threats, or blocking unacceptable user activity.

With Incydr data protection, customers can automatically send tailored micro-trainings to correct employee mistakes in real-time, contain insider threats, and speed investigations via integrated controls with EDR and IAM products, case management, and access to file contents. This helps organizations drive down Insider Risk event volume and protect their intellectual property and customer data.

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