EndaceProbe Cloud detects threats and network performance issues

Endace announced a significant extension of its enterprise-class packet capture solutions with the launch of EndaceProbe Cloud.

As organizations migrate sensitive data and critical systems to public cloud environments, it is essential that security and network teams have sufficient visibility into network activity to detect, prevent, and respond to threats and network performance issues.

Shamus McGillicuddy, VP of Research at Enterprise Management Associates, said, “Too many enterprises lack network layer visibility in the cloud today. With the rapid growth of cloud vulnerabilities, hijacked cloud credentials, and APTs targeting cloud infrastructure, this status quo is untenable. Cybersecurity teams need the ability to record network packet data across their hybrid, multi-cloud architecture. EndaceProbe Cloud delivers packet-level visibility that is essential for threat hunting and incident response. It enables a unified approach to packet capture and analysis across public and private infrastructure, enabling unified and seamless visibility across the entire network.”

EndaceProbe Cloud is a full-featured EndaceProbe, purpose-built for deployment in AWS and Microsoft Azure environments that provides the following benefits in cloud and hybrid cloud environments:

  • Continuous, zero-loss, packet capture in public and hybrid cloud environments that provides weeks to months of visibility
  • A unified console for fast global search and analysis across on-premise, private and public cloud environments
  • Full visibility into North-South and East-West traffic
  • Secure packet storage in customers’ own virtual network or virtual private cloud (VPC) minimizes data egress charges
  • Powerful traffic analysis and investigation tools including file extraction, log generation, and hosted Wireshark
  • Seamless workflow integration, with an open API, and strong ecosystem of third-party network and security tools
  • Subscription-based pricing, offering flexibility and scalability

“The rush to cloud has severely compromised visibility into threat activity, and many organizations lack the packet evidence required to quickly and confidently defend against threats in cloud deployments as they have done in their private data centers,” said Cary Wright, VP Product at Endace. “The addition of EndaceProbe Cloud means organizations can confidently defend and protect the entire attack surface with a single unified view across their hybrid cloud network.”

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