Deepfence ThreatStryker offers runtime protection and inline threat neutralization

Deepfence released ThreatStryker, an enterprise offering built on top of ThreatMapper.

“Deepfence has changed the economic landscape of cloud security with our open source first strategy which insists that companies shouldn’t have to pay to know what the security posture of their internal attack surface looks like,” Sandeep Lahane, CEO of Deepfence said.

Deepfence has built on that open source momentum and extended the feature set of ThreatStryker with advanced eBPFGuard technology to offer runtime protection and inline threat neutralization that stops threat actors in their tracks in real time.

Among ThreatStryker’s features is its advanced user interface, designed to streamline the identification, mitigation, and neutralization of threats. Organizations can now visualize diverse and hybrid infrastructure deployments at scale graphically, reducing implementation time and navigating enhanced security and compliance analytics dashboards.

Matt Lehman, Head of Payment Security at Amazon, emphatically champions Deepfence’s product. “There’s a lot of cloud-native security solutions out there, but none cut down the alert fatigue and do it with the lightweight runtime footprint that Deepfence does.”

Mike Sabbota, Head of Security Engagements at PrimeVideo strongly advocates for Deepfence, “Embracing runtime context is crucial for securing our cloud environments. It’s the difference between looking at a map and understanding the terrain. By deeply understanding application and network traffic context, we can discern which risks truly matter, drastically reducing the noise and focusing our security efforts on mitigating real and immediate threats. I believe this is the only correct way to implement runtime security at scale.”

Atif Haque, Sr Manager, Information Security and Engineering at LinkedIn “Shout out to the Deepfence team for integrating with hybrid cloud, mapping attack paths and effectively neutralizing threats in real-time. Deepfence is revolutionizing the cloud security industry’s long-awaited transformation.”

Simultaneously, Deepfence is also announcing the launch of ThreatMapper 2.0, and bringing the visualization, UI, and scale of ThreatStryker’s GA launch into the open-source domain. ThreatMapper 2.0 has undergone a comprehensive architectural revamp to meet the demands of the largest global enterprises. It is capable of offering security observability for serverless workloads and can cover up to 100,000 Kubernetes nodes or EC2 servers.

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