Fraud prevention forces scammers to up their game

The risk of falling victim to fraud is a constant concern for individuals, businesses, and organizations alike. As technology evolves, so too do the methods employed by fraudsters, making fraud prevention an increasingly critical and complex endeavor.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we bring insights from cybersecurity experts who shed light on crucial aspects of fraud prevention.

Complete videos

  • David Fletcher, SVP at ClearSale, discusses how an effective fraud prevention strategy can force fraudsters to invest more in the attack, making it less attractive to exploit and ultimately change the ROI of ATO.
  • Nick Rieniets, Field CTO at Kasada, talks about bot-driven account fraud and offers tips on how to protect yourself from bot-driven account fraud.
  • Ex-British Intelligence officer Alex Beavan, Head of Ethics and Anti-Corruption at Convera, discusses how fraudsters target businesses and his experiences with companies putting away millions of pounds just to write off fraud.

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