Arrcus and NVIDIA join forces to deliver high-performance, zero-trust networking for datacenters

Arrcus announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to enable high-performance, secure and power-efficient datacenter networking for applications like AI, telecom, and cloud that require high bandwidth, low latency and predictability across the network.

Bandwidth-hungry applications like generative AI need no longer be limited by legacy networking solutions. By combining the Arrcus ArcOS NOS with the NVIDIA BlueField DPU, datacenter applications can be software-defined and hardware-accelerated for the highest performance and zero-trust security, offering ultimate power- and cost-efficiency while delivering nearly 20X the performance over traditional solutions for encrypted traffic.

Arrcus’ ArcOS is open, flexible and programmable network operating system. ArcOS is microservices-based, with internet-scale routing support, fabric-wide telemetry and standards-based APIs for programmatic access. The NVIDIA BlueField DPU combines Arm compute cores with advanced networking, storage and security offload engines. The combination of ArcOS and BlueField enables network operators to deploy secure, performant and highly available datacenter infrastructure.

“As enterprises, telcos and cloud providers begin to deploy bandwidth-hungry applications like GenAI and the accompanying data storage to drive business outcomes, it is imperative that the network be able to support it with high performance and predictability,” said Shekar Ayyar, Chairman & CEO of Arrcus, Inc. “We are excited to collaborate with NVIDIA to disrupt the paradigm and offload network functionality onto NVIDIA BlueField DPUs to accelerate performance with the highest degree of security, thus ensuring real-time access by authorized users to these cutting-edge applications.”

“As data center applications that demand high bandwidth become more prevalent, there’s a pressing need for networking technologies to provide exceptional performance without compromising infrastructure efficiency and security,” said Ash Bhalgat, senior director of cloud, telco and cybersecurity market development at NVIDIA. “With the support of the NVIDIA Inception program for cutting-edge startups, Arrcus has built a scalable, high-performance networking solution that improves the utilization of modern zero-trust data centers while lowering power consumption and total cost of ownership.”

“High-performance datacenter networks that deliver zero-trust security and power efficiency are the need of the hour for the next generation of applications,” said Roy Chua, founder and principal, AvidThink. “It is exciting to see Arrcus collaborate with NVIDIA on delivering an accelerated networking solution that telcos, datacenter operators and cloud providers can benefit from.”

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