RedSense Compromised Credential Services 2.0 helps users prevent future incidents

RedSense released RedSense Compromised Credential Services 2.0. The new services include RedSense Credential Alert and RedSense Credential Investigator.

RedSense has pioneered the use of AI to optimize stolen credential discovery on the dark web ensuring clients always have the most current, relevant, and comprehensive insight into their credential exposure. Moreover, RedSense offers an optional feature where businesses can extend this security shield to their associated partners and affiliates.

Kevin Stear, CTO of RedSense, highlights the uniqueness of the service, “Our early access customers saw up to an impressive 70% improvement in the delivery of valid and pertinent credentials compared with top market rivals. These competitors commonly depend on repackaged open-source and outdated credential data, whereas RedSense intel is gleaned from proprietary collection techniques and deeper analysis.”

Many providers of compromised credential monitoring often just rebrand open-source stolen credential data with minimal enhancement. However, RedSense Compromised Credential Services strongly differentiates itself by leveraging unique methodologies to identify and collect stolen user access data, correlating the data with additional open-source and proprietary intelligence collections, and enriching it all with adversary and victim insights. The final product is always highly relevant and timely intelligence directly applicable to RedSense clients and partners.

“Having adversary context from stolen credentials is so important.” says David Nides, Principal at KPMG Services. “Actionable intelligence is critical to understanding how an incident happened, potential motivation, and even helping prevent future incidents.”

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