Cybellum partners with Hitachi Solutions to provide PLM security solutions in Japan

Cybellum and Hitachi Solutions announced its partnership to provide PLM security solutions in Japan.

The PLM Security Solutions service provides one-stop support for uncovering and managing cybersecurity vulnerabilities from the design to manufacturing and operation of IoT devices.

As devices become increasingly internet-connected across the automotive, medical, and critical infrastructure sectors, governments are taking note of the cybersecurity risks that they introduce to facilities and civilians. In response, governing bodies around the globe have implemented new regulations such as WP.29 for automotive, FDA PMA cybersecurity for medical devices, and NIST for industrial equipment.

To help companies who want to remain secure and compliant while bringing connected products and IoT devices onto their networks, Cybellum’s Product Security Platform offers continuous cyber security safeguards and produces compliant-ready reports both during development and post-productions.

Hitachi Solutions has been offering Product Incident Response Team (PSIRT) implementation for organizational setup and process development, consulting services for security measure integration into product design, and security libraries for implementation of security functionalities.

Working with Cybellum, Hitachi Solutions will now add highly accurate vulnerability management capabilities and expand their consulting services to encompass compliance support for the Cyber Resilience Act and product lifecycle support with their PLM security solution.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our shared commitment to helping organizations strengthen their cybersecurity posture and ensure compliance with evolving cybersecurity regulations,” said Slava Bronfman, CEO of Cybellum. “By combining Cybellum’s expertise in product security with Hitachi Solutions’ comprehensive security services, we are empowering organizations in Japan to uncover and manage cyber vulnerabilities while streamlining compliance efforts.”

Features of PLM security solution

Organizational and process consulting for security measures implementation
  • PSIRT construction consulting: This partnership will provide guidance on establishing the incident response process and security assurance procedures required for a PSIRT.
  • Cyber resilience law compliance consulting: Customers will benefit from expert advice on complying with the Cyber Resilience Act, helping navigate the regulatory landscape.
Design and development phase security support
  • Security design support consulting: With a proven track record serving over 15 companies, primarily in the manufacturing industry, Hitachi Solutions and Cybellum will provide expert consulting services for incorporating security measures into new and existing product designs.
  • Security library provision: The partnership will offer a lightweight cryptography library specifically designed for IoT devices, enabling the implementation of robust security measures in automobiles, medical devices, and other digital products with hardware limitations.
Efficient IoT device vulnerability management with Cybellum
  • High-precision software analysis: Utilizes advanced techniques to analyze software embedded in IoT devices with exceptional precision, generating digital replicas for continuous monitoring.
  • Real-time vulnerability monitoring: Continuously monitor software vulnerabilities against the latest vulnerability databases, promptly alerting teams of potential security threats.
  • Target narrowing: Upon vulnerability detection, the Product Security Platform identifies the affected software and hardware components, streamlining the confirmation process and reducing the workload on related departments.
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