Product showcase: Nudge Security’s SaaS security and governance platform

In today’s highly distributed workplace, every employee has the ability to act as their own CIO, adopting new cloud and SaaS technologies whenever and wherever they need. While this has been a critical boon to productivity and innovation in the digital enterprise, it has upended traditional approaches to IT security and governance.

Today, IT and security leaders contend with sprawling SaaS estates that span hundreds to thousands of cloud locations—each a new repository for sensitive data and a new point in the organization’s attack surface. At mid-sized organizations, a new SaaS asset is added roughly every 20 minutes. Traditional security tools and processes simply can’t keep up with the current magnitude of employee-led SaaS adoption.

Nudge Security is the world’s first and only solution to address SaaS security and governance by working with employees—not against them. Unlike legacy solutions that attempt to block employees’ access to unsanctioned SaaS applications, Nudge Security helps IT and security leaders to adapt and align to the needs of the business. The platform distributes SaaS administration without sacrificing visibility, centralized governance, or control over the organization’s cloud and SaaS security posture.

It’s easy to get started

  • 14-day free trial: All users start with a zero-commitment, full-featured trial experience of Nudge Security to explore and evaluate our product.
  • Zero network changes, endpoint agents, or browser extensions: Simply connect to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to get started with our patented approach to comprehensive SaaS discovery.

Nudge Security SaaS

SaaS discovery you won’t find anywhere else

With an unrivaled, patented approach to SaaS discovery, Nudge Security inventories all cloud and SaaS assets ever created across your organization on Day One, and alerts you as new SaaS apps are adopted. As such, it eliminates shadow SaaS and helps IT and security teams regain visibility and control over their SaaS estates.

Nudge Security SaaS

Know who has access to what—and how

Nudge Security amplifies your SaaS identity governance and administration efforts with a historical and continuous record of SaaS accounts and users, including first and privileged users. With this record, you can automate SaaS access reviews, surface abandoned accounts, bring new technology under IT governance, and ensure complete employee offboarding.

Nudge Security also monitors MFA and SSO coverage across your SaaS estate, so you can easily track progress against your enrollment efforts. You’ll see a full inventory of OAuth grants and scopes to understand where app-to-app integrations could allow data to be shared with third-party apps. OAuth risk scores help you quickly identify overly permissive scopes so you can nudge app users for more context, or revoke the grant with two clicks.

Nudge Security SaaS

Manage your SaaS security posture with continuous insights

Conduct SaaS vendor security assessments and prepare for compliance audits faster with our built-in SaaS classification and risk insights, including breach history, compliance certifications and SaaS supply chain details for each of your SaaS providers.

Only Nudge Security maps your SaaS supply chain automatically, so you can quickly determine if you are in the blast radius of a third- or fourth-party supply chain attack. You’ll even be alerted if a SaaS provider you use is breached, or if a SaaS tool used by one of your providers is breached.

Nudge Security SaaS

Monitor your attack surface beyond the network edge

Your modern attack surface extends to every SaaS app, user identity, and OAuth grant used by your workforce to build your products and run your business. That’s why Nudge Security discovers and monitors your entire SaaS attack surface as it changes, including your SaaS supply chain, internet-facing SaaS apps and domains, corporate social media accounts, and much more.

Nudge Security SaaS

Curb SaaS sprawl at the source—your employees

Our user behavior research confirms what you knew all along: limiting employees’ access to SaaS applications leads to frustration and shadowy workarounds.

Nudge Security automates employee engagement with timely, helpful nudges that guide users and application owners toward SaaS security best practices. For example, when a new app is discovered, you can ask the user how they will be using it, or nudge them to use an approved alternative. These automated touchpoints make it simple to orchestrate SaaS security and governance at scale, driving unprecedented IT efficiency.

Nudge Security SaaS

Automate your SaaS security efforts

The last thing you need is another security product that creates overhead for your team. Our built-in playbooks automate workflows for common SaaS security tasks, like initiating SSO onboarding, conducting SOC 2 access reviews, centralizing AWS accounts in AWS Organizations, offboarding departing employees, and more, so you can ditch the task lists and spreadsheets.

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