Essential DDoS statistics for understanding attack impact

The impact of DDoS attacks extends far beyond mere inconvenience, as they can result in financial losses, compromised data, and erosion of customer trust.

Understanding the nature and consequences of DDoS activity is essential for organizations and individuals alike as they strive to protect their online presence and ensure the uninterrupted flow of critical services.

In this article, you will find excerpts from DDoS attack surveys we covered in 2023. This data will enable your organizations to improve cybersecurity strategies.

DDoS 2023 statistics

Global events fuel DDoS attack campaigns

Global events like the Russia-Ukraine war and NATO bids have driven recent DDoS attack growth. Finland was targeted by pro-Russian hacktivists in 2022 during its bid to join NATO. Turkey and Hungary were targeted with DDoS attacks for opposing Finland’s bid.

Attackers intensify DDoS attacks with new tactics

DDoS attacks across different business sectors have revealed specific trends and impacts. According to Gcore’s report, gaming, telecom, and financial industries were the most attacked sectors in the H1 of 2023.

Businesses need to invest in DDoS mitigation strategies and solutions to protect their networks, systems, and customer data. Failure to address these evolving threats can result in costly disruptions, reputational damage, loss of customer trust, and security breaches.

Europe: The DDoS battlefield

Researchers saw the most significant increase in the 5-20 & 20-50 Gbps attack ranges – mainly through DNS and NTP attacks, but also memcache due to the method’s high amplification factor.

DDoS 2023 statistics

DDoS alert traffic reaches record-breaking level of 436 petabits in one day

The peak sum of DDoS alert traffic in one day reached as high as 436 petabits and more than 75 trillion packets in the second half of 2022.

Service providers rigorously scrubbed a large percentage of this traffic, while enterprises eliminated an additional daily aggregate average of 345 terabytes of unwanted traffic.

Global rise in DDoS attacks threatens digital infrastructure

In 2022, the total number of DDoS attacks worldwide increased by 115.1% over the amount observed in 2021, according to Nexusguard. While the overall number of DDoS attacks did more than double, the maximum size of 361.9 gigabits per second (Gbps) represented a 48.2% decrease over those measured in 2021. Average attack size also shrank by 22.4%.

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