Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard protects cloud-powered applications and infrastructure

Seceon announces aiSIEM-CGuard enabling partners and customers with comprehensive protection, detection, automatic remediation for cloud-powered resources.

Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard

With an automated signup process and margin-friendly pricing, MSP/MSSPs can now add protection for cloud workloads like Microsoft 365 email, OneDrive, and endpoints and networks protected by cloud-based services like SentinelOne, Microsoft Azure, Okta, Trend Micro, Cisco Secure Endpoint, and many more.

With the rapid growth of businesses that are “all-in” on the cloud and no longer have on-premises infrastructure, MSP/MSSPs, and IT teams are turning to a new generation of tools to protect cloud-powered applications and infrastructure. These tools have often been point-solutions, and even though many have an extensive list of integrations, the fact remains – unlike Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard, they don’t provide unified, AI/ML-powered detection and response that correlates identities to threats across applications, networks, and infrastructure.

Seceon’s new innovative aiSIEM-CGuard can be set up and configured in less than one hour and provides a full SIEM-level log, event, and flow capture. A sample use case could be detecting and blocking an advanced persistent attack on an organization’s M365 environment that leverages networks and identities.

Seceon is also announcing a version of this product for our partner community. Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard Not-For-Retail (NFR) license program is essential as governments and experts are increasing the pressure on managed service providers to protect themselves to avoid threat actors from attacking their clients.

“MSPs are always evaluating their tech and security stack, and more of them are choosing not to build and hire a team to deploy and manage a stack of point solutions or outsource their profits and control to an MDR provider. They are taking control of their services and profits with solutions like Seceon’s new aiSIEM-CGuard and Seceon’s aiSIEM and aiXDR-PMax platform. When combined with Seceon aiSIEM, Seceon’s AI and ML automate 95% of all threat detection and response,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon’s CEO.

“Seceon is advancing its innovation journey. When they shared with me their latest development – an automated signup process and new deployments that are hardware and software agnostic yet still providing top-notch threat detection and response – it was clear that their aiSIEM-CGuard is a great new option for MSPs to provide security services to companies operating solely in the cloud,” said Kshitij Kathuria, CISO, Netgain Technology.

Seceon aiSIEM-CGuard is available now.

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