Siren launches AI-Powered search with mobile access for front line officers

Siren has launched a new AI-Powered search with mobile access as part of its latest release and its Siren for Law Enforcement product bundle.

Siren AI-driven search

Siren provides a complete suite of investigation tools for contemporary challenges such as police vetting, “Smash and Grab” violence, VIP protection, trafficking, supply chain rime and maritime security.

Siren connects local classified information with external vendor data as well as data available from public sources (OSINT), to identify patterns, actors and events. Siren is now available on mobile devices to provide an additional layer of safety for front line officers.

The new AI-Powered search dramatically reduces the complexity in connecting disparate intelligence. Complex links can be made by anyone from any department, using a basic language based search and without the need for analytical skills. According to Siren’s research, it takes at least six months for a new analyst to become productive. The simple interface naturally distributes the workload.

Siren makes it possible for front-line officers to background check suspects, companies and properties from a mobile device prior to criminal interactions and site raids. The new Siren innovation offers an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of unexpected dangers and providing fast actionable leads.

“Simple is hard and that’s what we have achieved with Siren 14.” said John Randles, CEO of Siren. “Siren can now provide complex connected intelligence to Command Staff and Uniformed Police without data science training. It’s a simple search just like using the internet or shopping online.” he concluded.

“The new ability to search in Siren will push the control of basic investigations and safety checks back out into the hands of those who need it most.” said Siren customer, Kathleen Miles, Head of Client Relations, and Co-Founder of Ex Arca, an open-source research firm. “Siren mobile means that intelligence teams can focus on the work they are trained to do.” she added.

“Siren is now accessible to the whole department which is a complete game changer. Democratising intelligence like this is a change not seen in twenty years of technology.” commented Bob Griffin, Chairman of Siren.

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