Fabric: Open-source framework for augmenting humans using AI

Fabric is an open-source framework, created to enable users to granularly apply AI to everyday challenges.

open-source AI framework

Key features

“I created it to enable humans to easily augment themselves with AI. I believe it’s currently too difficult for people to use AI. I think there are too many tools, too many websites, and too few practical use cases that combine a problem with a solution. Fabric is a way of addressing those problems,” Daniel Miessler, the creator of Fabric, told Help Net Security.

“Its best features are its Patterns, the individual use cases for doing specific things with AI. It starts with problems, and then there’s a Pattern (prompt) to go with that problem. And we have a few dozen Patterns already. Plus, you can run your own AI server if you want!” he added.

Patterns are available for all sorts of life and work activities, including:

  • Extracting the most interesting parts of YouTube videos and podcasts
  • Writing an essay in your voice with just an idea as input
  • Summarizing opaque academic papers
  • Creating perfectly matched AI art prompts for a piece of writing
  • Rating the quality of content to see if you want to read/watch the whole thing
  • Getting summaries of long, boring content
  • Explaining code
  • Turning bad documentation into usable documentation
  • Create social media posts from any content input

“Plans for the future include adding more integrations and more Patterns. More solutions for more problems, but importantly, also more ways of using them. That means voice, vision, apps for desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and future interfaces as well. Basically the goal is to have as little friction possible for using AI to solve a given problem,” Miessler concluded.

Fabric is available for free on GitHub.

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