CVE Prioritizer: Open-source tool to prioritize vulnerability patching

CVE Prioritizer is an open-source tool designed to assist in prioritizing the patching of vulnerabilities. It integrates data from CVSS, EPSS, and CISA’s KEV catalog to offer insights into the probability of exploitation and the potential effects of vulnerabilities on your systems.

CVE Prioritizer

How CVE Prioritizer works

The tool leverages the correlation between CVSS and EPSS scores to improve efforts in fixing vulnerabilities. CVSS provides essential details about a vulnerability’s characteristics, whereas EPSS supplies information based on data-driven threats, aiding in more effective prioritization of patching activities.

“CVE Prioritizer’s standout feature is its customizable thresholds for vulnerability prioritization. This flexibility allows security teams to adjust the tool’s output to align with their organization’s risk tolerance. By enabling teams to fine-tune how priorities are assigned, the tool adapts to diverse security postures. It allows security teams to make informed decisions based on their unique contexts,” Mario Rojas, the creator of CVE Prioritizer, told Help Net Security.

Rojas developed the CVE Prioritizer to tackle the ongoing challenge that security teams encounter in prioritizing patches effectively. While the CVSS scores have traditionally been used in this process, Rojas recognized their limitations in fully understanding a vulnerability’s actual impact in the real world. The emergence of CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities catalog marked progress by spotlighting actively exploited vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, Rojas saw the necessity for a more comprehensive approach.

Future plans

“My goal is to streamline vulnerability management workflows by enabling the tool to ingest reports from popular vulnerability scanners and export results in JSON format. This will facilitate seamless integration with other security tools and platforms, making CVE Prioritizer an even more versatile asset for security teams,” Rojas concluded.

CVE Prioritizer is available for free on GitHub.

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