3 free data protection regulation courses you can take right now

Increasingly, information about us, and even by us, is being processed. Even mundane or insignificant details can be combined and linked with other data in a manner that may intrude upon or pose a risk to our privacy.

Data protection is relevant to everyone, whether you are handling personal data or your data being processed.

free data protection regulation courses

Introduction to EU data protection law

Duration: 3 hours

This course offers an overview of data protection, focusing on its frameworks, definitions, and core principles. It delves into the main data protection applications and explores the rights afforded under these regulations. Additionally, the course covers the accountability duties and administrative provisions outlined in the GDPR, equipping learners with an understanding of the responsibilities and legal requirements in data protection.

Free GDPR training course

Duration: 1 hour

This course covers some of the key GDPR concepts and principles. You’ll look at some examples of how it applies in practice and understand how GDPR fits into the array of other data protection and communications laws that affect how we are allowed to process personal data (within a commercial context).

Understand current data regulation and best practices

Duration: 7 weeks

The purpose of this free online course is to allow learners to demonstrate an essential understanding of data protection and data security. You must currently live in England to take this course.


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