Vercara UltraAPI offers protection against malicious bots and fraudulent activity

Vercara has launched UltraAPI, a product suite that protects APIs and web applications from malicious bots and fraudulent activity while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Powered by Cequence Security UltraAPI helps organizations protect applications and APIs against cyber threats via three core offerings: UltraAPI Discover, UltraAPI Comply and UltraAPI Bot Manager.

Applications are critical to today’s business operations, and Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, are the backbone of modern software applications. They serve as an integral bridge between applications and external services. However, the speed at which they are created and published often leads to organizations losing track of the very APIs they are exposing to the internet.

Further, bad actors recognize the importance of APIs so attacks targeting them have been steadily increasing. In fact, 53% of organizations are impacted by three or more API attacks per month and 80% of blocked traffic to companies’ systems was API-based.

With UltraAPI, organizations can account for all phases of their API protection lifecycle – from discovering what APIs they have exposed to protecting them against attack and ensuring regulatory and best practice compliance. This level of coverage allows businesses to operate free of disruption or data loss. Paired with Vercara’s cloud-based web application firewall UltraWAF and protected by UltraDDoS Protect, organizations are now fully equipped with an adaptable, flexible platform to counteract all types of web application and API threats.

“A primary issue for many security teams is the speed of API development and deployment across various cloud providers, which in turn, can leave APIs unmanaged and vulnerable to exploitation. What’s more, many teams don’t have a comprehensive view of their security posture across their application footprint,” said Carlos Morales, SVP Solutions at Vercara.

“Organizations need a holistic security solution that addresses every phase of the API protection lifecycle – one that enables them to understand their API attack surface and risk posture and provides real-time protection to block API attacks before they reach the application. Vercara is excited to partner with Cequence to offer all of these features in one product suite with UltraAPI,” added Morales.

UltraAPI consists of three flexible solutions that can be purchased individually or together as one comprehensive platform. These include:

  • UltraAPI Discover: API attack surface discovery management that continuously assesses organizations’ application footprints to provide a view of their external APIs.
  • UltraAPI Comply: Security posture management that provides a complete inventory of active APIs, identifies the security risks, and alerts organizations to those that pose the greatest threat.
  • UltraAPI Bot Manager: Attack detection that prevents sophisticated automated application and API attacks and business logic abuse, leveraging machine learning and analytics to uncover, track, and block malicious behavior.

UltraAPI is the newest addition to Vercara’s portfolio of solutions that safeguard customers’ online presence. As enterprise applications evolve, it’s critical that organizations deploy both application and API protection (WAAP) services to provide protection for the entire application environment. UltraAPI and UltraWAF work hand-in-hand to deliver continuous and comprehensive WAAP security, keeping Vercara customers ahead of attacks.

“As APIs have become increasingly pervasive and critical to applications, they have become a common target for bad actors that look to exploit their vulnerabilities, steal data, disrupt operations, and commit fraud,” said Arun Gowda, VP, Business Development at Cequence Security. “We are pleased to partner with Vercara and combine our API and bot management technologies with their cloud-based DDoS and WAF solutions to create a holistic solution to protect against all the threats facing applications and APIs.”

These services are delivered over a network engineered to provide the highest standards of availability, reliability, and security, with built-in DDoS protection from Vercara’s UltraDDoS Protect service, and overseen by a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) team of experts.

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