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Vercara UltraEdge offers protection against internet-based threats

Vercara launched UltraEdge, a comprehensive edge platform that includes an innovative Content Delivery Network (CDN), integrated application security, and edge compute. …

Vercara UltraAPI offers protection against malicious bots and fraudulent activity

Vercara has launched UltraAPI, a product suite that protects APIs and web applications from malicious bots and fraudulent activity while ensuring regulatory compliance. …

Vercara introduces the Private Data Lake feature into UltraDNS

Vercara is introducing a new Private Data Lake feature to its UltraDNS product. The UltraDNS Private Data Lake offers a novel approach to managing and analyzing DNS data, …

Cequence Security partners with Vercara to prevent sophisticated automated API attacks

Cequence Security announced a new partnership with Vercara, a provider of cloud-based services that secure the online experience. This collaboration aims to fortify the …

Vercara UltraSecure offers protection from malicious attacks

Vercara is introducing UltraSecure bundles designed to meet the online security needs of mid-size companies. These flexible packages offer enterprise-grade, custom solutions …

Consumers prepared to ditch brands after cybersecurity issues

In 2023, businesses have been hit with 800,000 cyberattacks, over 60,000 of which were DDoS attacks and 4,000 falling victim to ransomware, according to Vercara. The research …

Vercara partners with HashiCorp to support DevOps teams throughout the development lifecycle

Vercara has released a new integration of its enterprise-grade, cloud-based authoritative DNS service, UltraDNS, with HashiCorp’s Consul-Terraform-Sync (CTS), a multi-platform …

Industry responses and strategies for navigating the tides of DDoS attacks

It is important not to underestimate the potentially devastating impact of DDoS attacks. Organizations of all sizes should take proactive measures to mitigate and safeguard …

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