Veriato introduces AI-driven predictive behavior analytics platform

Veriato released their next generation Insider Risk Management (IRM) solution. With organizations of all sizes facing a more complex cybersecurity environment, Veriato IRM delivers flexibility and scalability using the power of GenAI.

Veriato IRM

Veriato’s IRM solution offers technology for companies looking to improve their threat mitigation with AI enabled predictive analytics delivering better detection and predictability. According to IBM, the average cost of a single data breach has reached $4.45 million, a record high. Organizations need a holistic view of employee behavior to get ahead of threats and to reduce their exposure and costs.

The new platform provides the agility and usability that make it a must-have in the fight against increasing insider threats. Features such as predictive risk intelligence, risk scoring, baselining and PII identification offer detection capabilities that are easy to deploy and manage.

Veriato IRM delivers:

  • Risk detection capabilities with Generative AI.
  • Advanced behavior pattern identification across logon events, document activity, email activity, etc.
  • Complex dimensional analysis, including Risk Scoring.
  • Comprehensive language and sentiment analysis.
  • Automatic PII/PHI identification with RAG pre-trained models.
  • Flexible and scalable microservices architecture.
  • Multiple deployment options – cloud, on-premise, hybrid.

Veriato IRM is the product of close collaboration with Veriato’s global base of customers across a number of industries including financial services, healthcare and government.

“Insider Risk Management has become essential for organizations committed to protecting customer data, IP and their employee bases now that the future of work is here. From board rooms to SMBs, IRM is at the top of security agendas. Applying behavioral analytics to cyber allows leaders to get ahead of breaches instead of just reacting to them when they occur,” said Elizabeth Harz, CEO of Veriato.

“We are extremely excited to build upon our history as the category creator, and provide a new layer of control, transparency, confidence and perhaps most importantly, proactivity,” added Harz.

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