Cybersecurity jobs available right now: June 19, 2024

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cybersecurity jobs June 2024

Application Penetration Tester

ShiftCode Analytics | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As an Application Penetration Tester, you will perform Ethical Application Penetration Testing (EAPT) on web applications and APIs. Provide the vulnerability information in the predefined report format after performing the App Pentest using manual methodology and App Pentest tools such as Burp Suite and Web Inspect. Provide assistance to the developers in detailing the vulnerabilities reported along with the recommendations for remediation.

Cyber Sec Gov & Risk Analyst

UNSW | Australia | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As a Cyber Sec Gov & Risk Analyst, you will maintain cyber security policies and standards, periodically review, update, and align them with the overall policy framework and manage exemptions. Maintain and operationally deliver cyber security controls assurance services designed to assess whether key controls are operating effectively and consistently, including auditing of internal cyber security controls; risk assessment of 3rd party/supply chain risk exposure; and penetration testing of ICT systems and infrastructure. Maintain and administer a quantitative (value-at-risk) threat model relevant to the reporting of UNSW’s major cyber security threats and key controls.

Cyber Security Engineer

Applied Digital | USA | Hybrid – View job details

As a Cyber Security Engineer, you will design, implement, and manage security solutions that align with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Monitor and analyze security events and alerts, investigating potential security incidents and responding promptly to mitigate risks. Conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in systems and applications.


Cyber Security Engineer

Poppi Technologies | Italy | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As a Cyber Security Engineer, you will define and monitor security requirements for applications and infrastructures. Implement DevSecOps strategies to integrate security into the software development lifecycle. Define policies and best practices to ensure high quality standards in terms of IT security and put in place strategies and infrastructures to ensure their enforcement.

GenAI Lead Application Security Engineer

S&P Global | Canada | On-site – View job details

As a GenAI Lead Application Security Engineer, you will be responsible for development and implementation of security architecture and engineering best practices across S&P Ratings technology platforms. Develop, implement and maintain Application security and GenAI security strategy. Perform threat modeling, secure code reviews, and secure design reviews for high risk applications, evaluate new technology stacks and frameworks.

Gen AI Security Researcher

ActiveFence | Israel | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As a Red Team Specialist focused on Generative AI Models, you will conduct simulated cyber attacks and penetration testing on company’S generative AI systems, including but not limited to language models, image generation models, and any related infrastructure. The goal is to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and provide actionable insights to fortify our AI models against potential threats. Perform thorough risk analysis to determine the impact of identified vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation efforts.

Incident Response Analyst

HackersEye | Israel | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As an Incident Response Analyst, you will investigate and respond to cybersecurity incidents, conduct threat hunting activities using various tools and techniques, prepare detailed incident reports and briefings for clients and internal stakeholders, collaborate with cross-functional teams to enhance security measures and protocols, and train junior staff and contribute to knowledge sharing within the team.

Information Technology Security Specialist

CFI Financial Group | UAE | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The IT Security Specialist is responsible for safeguarding the information systems and networks of the organization from cyber threats. This role involves implementing and managing security measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring compliance with security policies, and responding to security breaches. The specialist will work closely with the IT team to develop strategies that enhance the security posture of the organization.

Information Technology Specialist (Information Security)

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) | USA | Remote – View job details

As an Information Technology Specialist (Information Security), you will implement high-level security requirements such as those relating from laws, regulations, and presidential directives. Develop long-range plans for IT security systems that anticipates, identify, evaluate, mitigate, and minimize risks associated with IT systems vulnerabilities. Resolve integration issues related to the implementation of new systems with the existing infrastructure.

IT Pentester

YEE AU CARRÉ | UAE | On-site – No longer accepting applications

As an IT Pentester, you will Identify the target systems and the goal, review the information available, and undertake available means to attain the goal. Conduct white box or black box testing. Carry out remote testing of a client’s network or onsite testing of their infrastructure to expose weaknesses in security. Simulate security breaches to test a system’s relative security. Create reports and recommendations from your findings, including the security issues uncovered and the level of risk.

Network & Digital Security Administrator

Niagara Regional Police Service | Canada | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As a Network & Digital Security Administrator, you will provide information, and recommendations regarding network and digital security configurations and installations. Design, maintain and assist with the setup of Firewalls, Web Proxies rules and security logs, network core switch, VLAN’s and VLAN stretching, VPNs, and various Security appliances, including wireless. Define digital security frameworks for existing and new systems while ensuring adherence to established technical network and digital security processes, policies, guidelines, and standards, both internally and externally, to maintain corporate network and digital security.

OT/IT Systems Engineer

Uniper | Germany | HybridNo longer accepting applications

As an OT/IT Systems Engineer, you will design, develop, and implement complex systems that meet business needs and security requirements in a hybrid environment consisting of on-premises and cloud-based services. Ensure seamless integration of different subsystems, services and components within the overall system architecture. Assess potential risks associated with system implementation and propose mitigation strategies.

Pentester – Security Researcher

Ericsson | France | Remote – View job details

As a Pentester – Security Researcher, you will perform “white box” pentests, in order to find specific advanced vulnerabilities in Ericsson products and propose mitigations. Perform pentests audits activities for selected Ericsson RAN products or other Ericsson solutions. Perform security research on topics in relation to Ericsson products, technologies or protocols.

Principal Security Researcher – Threat Hunting

Microsoft | Australia | Remote – View job details

As a Principal Security Researcher – Threat Hunting, you will lead the analysis of attacker activity in on-premises and cloud environments, and identify potential threats, allowing for proactive defense before an actual incident. You will notify customers regarding imminent attacker activity and build proof-of-concept and prototype threat hunting tools, automations, and new capabilities. Additionally, you will drive product and tooling improvements by conveying learnings from threat hunting and incident response at scale to engineering partner teams.

Security – SIEM Threat Responder

IBM | India | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As a Security – SIEM Threat Responder, you will track APT groups motives, analyse current security controls data logs and brief reporting for new ongoing cyber threat operations. Assess known and emerging cyber threats and better evaluate the effectiveness of layered defenses and to provide strategic recommendations on new technical and non-technical protections.

Senior Cybersecurity Penetration Tester

Fidelity Investments | USA | Hybrid – View job details

As a Senior Cybersecurity Penetration Tester, you will lead testing efforts on Fidelity’s web and mobile applications and supporting systems. Replicate the actual techniques and tools used by malicious attackers in an effort to model potential external threats. Upon completion of the assessment, you will prepare reports and present the results to application owners, developers, and business unit information security teams.

(Senior) Cyber Security and Resilience Engineer

European Investment Bank | Luxembourg | On-site – View job details

As a (Senior) Cyber Security and Resilience Engineer, you will contribute to the definition of the EIB’s IT Security strategy and policies for IT cyber resilience. Participate in strategic and tactical planning to mature the EIB’s Cyber Resiliency posture program. Develop EIB’s Cyber Resiliency program elements in order to ensure that IT security policies, procedures and initiatives are properly designed and implemented.

Senior IAM Engineer

Trade Republic | Germany | Remote – No longer accepting applications

As a Senior IAM Engineer, you will design, develop, test, implement, and integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and solutions. Ensure the maintenance and monitor IAM system. Troubleshoot and manage the resolution of issues related identities, systems, access, accounts, authentication, authorization, entitlements, and permissions. Determine and recommend the most appropriate response to identify more complex problems, issues and/or defects by assessing impact and prioritization.

Senior Threat and Vulnerability Engineer

Brown & Brown Insurance | USA | Remote – View job details

As a Senior Threat and Vulnerability Management Engineer, you will lead the development, implementation, and optimization of our vulnerability management program. Utilize Qualys to perform regular scans, assessments, and penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities in our systems, networks, and applications. Conduct threat modeling and risk assessments to prioritize vulnerabilities based on potential impact and exploitability.

Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer – IAM

Visa | India | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

As a Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer – IAM, you will perform maintenance and implementation of various enterprise Identity and Access Management components like Sailpoint, ForgeRock. Deploy and maintain Windows & Linux servers infrastructure hosting Visa system administrators for their day-to-day operational activities. Develop and deploy Windows user applications using PowerShell scripting. Perform service recovery including analysis, documentation, recommendations, and remediation of IAM related incidents.

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