Product showcase: Protect digital identities with Swissbit’s iShield Key Pro

In today’s fast-paced business world, protecting digital identities and optimizing daily workflows are crucial. The iShield Key Pro series from Swissbit addresses these challenges by offering top-notch security combined with effortless usability. Let’s delve into how the iShield Key Pro turns a typical office workday into a secure, efficient, and versatile experience.

iShield Key Pro

Imagine a workday where security and convenience go hand-in-hand. The iShield Key Pro series makes this a reality, offering a powerful hardware security token designed to simplify your daily tasks while significantly enhancing your digital security posture.

Streamlined security throughout your day

The iShield Key Pro seamlessly integrates into your workflow. It starts from the moment you arrive at the office. Gain effortless entry through secure access panels using NFC technology. This same key can even charge your electric car at compatible charging stations.


Beyond logins: Unparalleled versatility

The iShield Key Pro goes far beyond basic logins. With a simple tap, you can securely access a wide range of essential online services, from cloud storage platforms like Dropbox to business applications like Salesforce. This versatility extends to everyday tasks – securely authenticate yourself at the office printer before releasing confidential documents.

Enhanced protection for sensitive data

For users handling sensitive information, the iShield Key Pro offers an additional layer of security. Imagine a developer using the key to digitally sign program code, guaranteeing its authenticity and preventing unauthorized modifications. This functionality extends to signing PDFs and other critical documents, ensuring data integrity.

iShield Key Pro

Collaboration with confidence

The iShield Key Pro fosters a work environment built on trust. With robust protection for digital identities, you can collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, knowing your online accounts and sensitive information remain secure. The key’s compact design, available in both USB-A and USB-C versions, ensures portability and convenience.


Strongest hardware authentication

The iShield Key Pro series prioritizes three key aspects: simplicity, security, and flexibility.

  • Simple: Effortlessly integrate the iShield Key Pro into your workflow. Compatible with FIDO2-compliant websites and services like Google, Microsoft, and countless others, the key offers intuitive logins via both NFC and USB connectivity.
  • Secure: Empower zero-trust strategies by ensuring only authorized users can access your systems. The iShield Key Pro safeguards against phishing attacks and facilitates secure document signing and encryption, keeping your data safe.
  • Flexible: Adapt the iShield Key Pro to your specific needs. It supports multiple authentication options, including standard FIDO and on-premises solutions, seamlessly integrating with existing access control systems.

Beyond FIDO: Unmatched functionality

The iShield Key Pro goes beyond a standard FIDO key. It features Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for document signing and encryption, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of your data. Additionally, it supports legacy systems with HOTP (offline one-time passwords) and TOTP (time-based one-time passwords), offering up to 42 TOTP slots for added versatility. For configuration, the free iShield Key Manager software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The iShield Key Pro series is manufactured at Swissbit’s own semiconductor manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany, in industrial quality. Its capability to double as a physical access control tool makes it unique in the market, especially with the impending adoption of FIPS 140-3 standards, thus ensuring the highest level of cryptographic security. It’s also suitable for implementing security guidelines such as NIS-2 in the EU, which requires multifactor authentication (MFA) in connection with IT systems for access control, or the US’s OMB zero-trust strategy.

Experience the iShield Key Pro difference.

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