ISSUE 60 (December 2018)
Building strategies
Issue 60 Contributors
Edward Amoroso
CEO, TAG Cyber
Jonathan Bohrer
CFO, Abacus Group
Mark Bower
CRO, Egress Software
Andrew Ginter
Vice President of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security
Sean Mason
Director of Threat Management and Incident Response, Cisco
Josh Mayfield
Director of Security Strategy, Absolute
Gadi Naor
CTO, Alcide
Vlatko Košturjak
Security Researcher
Sean Walls
Vice President, Eurofins Cyber Security

Building strategies

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Table of contents

  • How to make the CFO your best cybersecurity friend
  • Review: Specops Password Policy
  • Break out of malware myopia by focusing on the fundamentals
  • Securing our future in the age of IoT
  • Blind spots and how to see them: Observability in a serverless environment
  • There are no real shortcuts to most security problems
  • Bridging the priority gap between IT and security in DevOps
  • Are you ready? A good incident response plan can protect your organization
  • Privacy laws do not understand human error: Securing unstructured data in the age of data privacy regulations
  • The future of OT security in critical infrastructure.

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