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3d printing
Access misconfiguration opens 3D printers to remote attacks

Spurred by a report coming from a regular reader, SANS ISC handlers Richard Porter and Xavier Mertens searched for OctoPrint interfaces for 3D printers exposed online and …

3d printing
The security issues 3D printing should solve before going mainstream

It’s always fun when you can mix your personal hobbies and interests with your profession, and often the passion you carry for the things you love can lead to valuable and …

3d printing
Hacking 3D manufacturing systems demonstrated by researchers

Researchers from three universities combined their expertise to demonstrate the first complete sabotage attack on a 3D additive manufacturing (AM) system, illustrating how a …

3d printing
Cybersecurity risks in 3D printing

3D printing (i.e. additive manufacturing) is a $4 billion business set to quadruple by 2020. Additive manufacturing builds a product from a computer assisted design (CAD) file …

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