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Accellion FTA attacks, extortion attempts might be the work of FIN11

Mandiant/FireEye researchers have tentatively linked the Accellion FTA zero-day attacks to FIN11, a cybercrime group leveraging CLOP ransomware to extort targeted …

Accellion to retire enterprise file-sharing product targeted in recent attacks

U.S.-based cloud solutions company Accellion will soon retire FTA, its legacy enterprise file-sharing solution, vulnerabilities in which have recently been exploited by …

Demisto dashboards
New infosec products of the week​: March 2, 2018

Demisto brings visibility into SOC metrics Demisto’s latest release of its Security Operations Platform enables customers to leverage the incident metrics through …

Key elements of a secure, sensitive information sharing strategy

It’s been said, data is like the new oil. What does this mean exactly? Like oil, data is a commodity. But unlike oil, the value of data isn’t susceptible to supply and demand. …

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