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artificial intelligence

Understanding employees’ motivations behind risky actions

More 68% of employees knowingly put their organizations at risk, potentially leading to ransomware or malware infections, data breaches, or financial loss, according to …

Itamar Friedman
AI-driven DevOps: Revolutionizing software engineering practices

In this Help Net Security interview, Itamar Friedman, CEO of Codium AI, discusses the integration of AI into DevOps practices and its impact on software development processes, …

How AI is reshaping the cybersecurity job landscape

88% of cybersecurity professionals believe that AI will significantly impact their jobs, now or in the near future, and 35% have already witnessed its effects, according to …

insider threat
AI in cybersecurity presents a complex duality

Companies more than ever view GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) as a holistic process and are taking steps toward getting a complete view of their risk environment and …

Meta plans to prevent disinformation and AI-generated content from influencing voters

Meta, the company that owns some of the biggest social networks in use today, has explained how it means to tackle disinformation related to the upcoming EU Parliament …

Using AI to reduce false positives in secrets scanners

As development environments grow more complex, applications increasingly communicate with many external services. When a software development project communicates with an …

artificial intelligence
Does AI remediation spell the end for developers in 2024?

Big tech firms are already rolling out AI remediation tools to prevent developers from introducing security risks into the software development lifecycle (SDLC). In this Help …

A step-by-step plan for safe use of GenAI models for software development

If you are a large-scale company, the recent AI boom hasn’t escaped your notice. Today AI is assisting in a large array of development-related and digital-related tasks, from …

Clean links and sophisticated scams mark new era in email attacks

Analysis of 7 billion emails shows clean links are duping users, malicious EML attachments increased 10-fold in Q4, and social engineering attacks are at all-time highs, …

Balancing “super app” ambitions with privacy

When Elon Musk’s ambitions to transform X into an “everything app” were divulged last year, he joined several companies known to be exploring or actively working on developing …

Brad Arkin
Inside the strategy of Salesforce’s new Chief Trust Officer

Recently, Salesforce named Brad Arkin, previously Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cisco, the company’s new Chief Trust Officer. This was the perfect opportunity to find …

AI outsourcing: A strategic guide to managing third-party risks

In an era of artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizing business practices, many companies are turning to third-party AI services for a competitive edge. However, this …

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