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artificial intelligence

AI outsourcing: A strategic guide to managing third-party risks

In an era of artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizing business practices, many companies are turning to third-party AI services for a competitive edge. However, this …

Collaboration at the core: The interconnectivity of ITOps and security

In this Help Net Security video, Krista Macomber, Research Director at The Futurum Group, discusses how IT and security teams increasingly unite against cyber threats. …

AI PC shipments are expected to surpass 167 million units by 2027

Shipments of AI PCs – personal computers with specific system-on-a-chip (SoC) capabilities designed to run generative AI tasks locally – are expected to grow from nearly 50 …

How are state-sponsored threat actors leveraging AI?

Microsoft and OpenAI have identified attempts by various state-affiliated threat actors to use large language models (LLMs) to enhance their cyber operations. Threat actors …

Matt Shelton
Rise in cyberwarfare tactics fueled by geopolitical tensions

In this Help Net Security interview, Matt Shelton, Head of Threat Research and Analysis at Google Cloud, discusses the latest Threat Horizons Report, which provides …

Fabric: Open-source framework for augmenting humans using AI

Fabric is an open-source framework, created to enable users to granularly apply AI to everyday challenges. Key features “I created it to enable humans to easily augment …

data analytics
How to take control of personal data

Cybercriminals increasingly use open-source intelligence (OSINT) to craft convincing backstories, often by mining social media profiles for details on a target’s …

Protecting against AI-enhanced email threats

Generative AI based on large language models (LLMs) has become a valuable tool for individuals and businesses, but also cybercriminals. Its ability to process large amounts of …

AI-generated voices in robocalls now illegal

The FCC has revealed the unanimous adoption of a Declaratory Ruling that recognizes calls made with AI-generated voices are “artificial” under the Telephone Consumer …

fake news
Why we fall for fake news and how can we change that?

Have you ever been swept away by an enticing headline and didn’t bother to probe the news in-depth? You might have shared an eye-catching news story or engaged with a …

Latio Application Security Tester
Latio Application Security Tester: Use AI to scan your code

Latio Application Security Tester is an open-source tool that enables the usage of OpenAI to scan code from the CLI for security and health issues. Features and future plans …

Businesses banning or limiting use of GenAI over privacy risks

Privacy is much more than a regulatory compliance matter. Findings from a new Cisco study highlight the growing Privacy concerns with GenAI, trust challenges facing …

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