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artificial intelligence

2024 cybersecurity outlook: The rise of AI voice chatbots and prompt engineering innovations

In their 2024 cybersecurity outlook, WatchGuard researchers forecast headline-stealing hacks involving LLMs, AI-based voice chatbots, modern VR/MR headsets, and more in the …

artificial intelligence
What custom GPTs mean for the future of phishing

OpenAI is putting more power into the hands of users of GenAI, allowing them to create their custom AI agents without writing code. These custom GPTs are the latest leap …

Vigil LLM security scanner
Vigil: Open-source LLM security scanner

Vigil is an open-source security scanner that detects prompt injections, jailbreaks, and other potential threats to Large Language Models (LLMs). Prompt injection arises when …

Released: AI security guidelines backed by 18 countries

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has published new guidelines that can help developers and providers of AI-powered systems “build AI systems that function as …

Security leaders on high alert as GenAI poses privacy and security risks

Companies need help to get visibility into the operations of their AI programs, potentially reducing productivity while creating significant risks around governance, data …

artificial intelligence
AI and contextual threat intelligence reshape defense strategies

AI continues to evolve to improve both cyber defense and cyber criminal activities, while regulatory pressures, continued consolidation, and geopolitical concerns will drive …

free AI and GenAI courses from AWS
8 free AI and GenAI courses from AWS

Amazon’s AI Ready initiative aims to provide free AI skills training and education to 2 million people globally by 2025. “Artificial intelligence is the most …

The hidden obstacles to integrating AI into your business

A mere 14% of organizations globally are fully prepared to deploy and leverage AI-powered technologies, according to Cisco. The report highlights companies’ preparedness …

Smaller businesses embrace GenAI, overlook security measures

Organizations are feeling the pressure to rush into generative AI (GenAI) tool usage, despite significant security concerns, according to Zscaler. More than 900 global IT …

AI disinformation campaigns pose major threat to 2024 elections

AI, post-quantum cryptography, zero trust, cryptography research, and election security will shape cybersecurity strategies in the present and for 2024, according to NTT. As …

ai investments
ChatGPT’s popularity triggers global generative AI investment surge

While AI is not a new technology – companies have been investing heavily in predictive and interpretive AI for years – the announcement of the GPT-3.5 series from OpenAI in …

AI helps leaders optimize costs and mitigate risks

AI is dominating the mindshare of IT leaders this year and next, as 72% believe their organization will be using more AI in the next two to three years, according to Snow …

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