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artificial intelligence

AI-enabled bots can solve CAPTCHAs faster than humans

Companies are losing revenue in the fight against malicious bot attacks, according to survey by Kasada. Despite spending millions of dollars on traditional bot management …

Cybersecurity pros predict rise of malicious AI

76% of cybersecurity professionals believe the world is very close to encountering malicious AI that can bypass most known cybersecurity measures, according to Enea. 26% see …

Enterprises see AI as a worthwhile investment

92% of AI team leaders at leading-edge organizations felt that their AI initiatives are generating value, according to Wallaroo.AI. Having found a successful formula, most of …

Gaspard de Lacroix-Vaubois
Tackling cyber risks head-on using security questionnaires

In this Help Net Security interview, Gaspard de Lacroix-Vaubois, CEO at Skypher, talks about the implementation of security questionnaires and how they facilitate assessments …

large language models
Understanding the layers of LLM security for business integration

In this Help Net Security video, Ivana Bartoletti, Global Privacy Officer at Wipro, discusses how organizations should deal with and deploy LLMs securely. Those who push the …

GenAI in software surges despite risks

In this Help Net Security video, Ilkka Turunen, Field CTO at Sonatype, discusses how generative AI influences and impacts software engineers’ work and the software …

Protecting against FraudGPT, ChatGPT’s evil twin

FraudGPT is the evil counterpart to ChatGPT. Criminals use it to target businesses with phishing emails and scams with speed and accuracy like never before. The AI can be …

Malicious ads creep into Bing Chat responses

Users of Bing Chat, the GPT-4-powered search engine Microsoft introduced earlier this year, are being targeted with ads leading to malware. According to Malwarebytes …

artificial intelligence
How should organizations navigate the risks and opportunities of AI?

As we realize exciting new advancements in the application of generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) technology, our adversaries are finding ingenious ways to leverage these …

Financial crime compliance costs exceed $206 billion

The growing complexity of compliance regulations and ever-evolving criminal methodologies are a major difficulty for financial institutions, according to LexisNexis Risk …

Raffaele Mautone
The hidden costs of neglecting cybersecurity for small businesses

In this Help Net Security interview, Raffaele Mautone, CEO of Judy Security, talks about the cybersecurity problems that small businesses face and the need for prioritization …

prompt injection
Are developers giving enough thought to prompt injection threats when building code?

With National Coding Week behind us, the development community has had its annual moment of collective reflection and focus on emerging technologies that are shaping the …

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