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artificial intelligence

Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft announces wider availability of AI-powered Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot has been made available to a larger number of enterprise customers, via an invitation-only Early Access Program. What is Microsoft Security Copilot? …

Only a fraction of risk leaders are prepared for GenAI threats

While 93% of companies recognize the risks associated with using generative AI inside the enterprise, only 9% say they’re prepared to manage the threat, according to …

GenAI investments surge, anticipated to hit $143 billion by 2027

Enterprises will invest nearly $16 billion worldwide on GenAI solutions in 2023, according to IDC. This spending, which includes GenAI software and related infrastructure …

2024 cybersecurity predictions: GenAI edition

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past year, you know that generative artificial intelligence applications, such as ChatGPT, have penetrated many aspects of our …

The must-knows about low-code/no-code platforms

The era of AI has proven that machine learning technologies have a unique and effective capability to streamline processes that alter the ways we live and work. We now have …

cybersecurity investments
Business resilience becomes primary force behind cybersecurity investments

Over 80% of northern European organizations emphasize that the need to ensure business resilience is the top driver for their cybersecurity investments, according to Nixu. The …

James A. Winnefeld Jr.
The evolution of deception tactics from traditional to cyber warfare

Admiral James A. Winnefeld, USN (Ret.), is the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is an advisor to Acalvio Technologies. In this Help Net Security …

Microsoft announces AI bug bounty program

Microsoft is offering up to $15,000 to bug hunters that pinpoint vulnerabilities of Critical or Important severity in its AI-powered “Bing experience”. “The …

Quantum risk is real now: How to navigate the evolving data harvesting threat

In an era where data security is paramount, the recent revelations about firmware backdoors implanted by Chinese government-backed hackers serve as a stark reminder of the …

AI-enabled bots can solve CAPTCHAs faster than humans

Companies are losing revenue in the fight against malicious bot attacks, according to survey by Kasada. Despite spending millions of dollars on traditional bot management …

Cybersecurity pros predict rise of malicious AI

76% of cybersecurity professionals believe the world is very close to encountering malicious AI that can bypass most known cybersecurity measures, according to Enea. 26% see …

Enterprises see AI as a worthwhile investment

92% of AI team leaders at leading-edge organizations felt that their AI initiatives are generating value, according to Wallaroo.AI. Having found a successful formula, most of …

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