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artificial intelligence

How generative AI is reshaping the identity verification landscape

The identity verification market is experiencing a significant surge in growth. In recent years, many solutions have emerged to assist businesses in establishing trust and …

DarkBERT could help automate dark web mining for cyber threat intelligence

Researchers have developed DarkBERT, a language model pretrained on dark web data, to help cybersecurity pros extract cyber threat intelligence (CTI) from the Internet’s …

Scammers exploit AI trend with fake ChatGPT apps on Google Play, Apple App Store

Sophos researchers uncovered multiple apps masquerading as legitimate, ChatGPT-based chatbots to overcharge users. These apps have popped up in the Google Play and Apple App …

bad bots
Bad bots are coming for APIs

In 2022, 47.4% of all internet traffic came from bots, a 5.1% increase over the previous year, according to Imperva. The proportion of human traffic (52.6%) decreased to its …

Prevent attackers from using legitimate tools against you

Malicious actors are increasingly exploiting legitimate tools to accomplish their goals, which include disabling security measures, lateral movement, and transferring files. …

Finding bugs in AI models at DEF CON 31

DEF CON’s AI Village will host the first public assessment of large language models (LLMs) at the 31st edition of the hacker convention this August, aimed at finding …

Your voice could be your biggest vulnerability

AI technology is fueling a rise in online voice scams, with just three seconds of audio required to clone a person’s voice, according to McAfee. McAfee surveyed 7,054 people …

Consumer skepticism is the biggest barrier to AI-driven personalization

Businesses worldwide are eagerly embracing the potential for AI to provide personalized customer experiences, but customers remain cynical, according to Twilio. This year’s …

How AI is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape

The success of ChatGPT, a text-generation chatbot, has sparked widespread interest in generative AI among millions of people worldwide. According to Jumio’s research, …

artificial intelligence
The double-edged sword of generative AI

Generative AI has captured the imagination of millions worldwide, largely driven by the recent success of ChatGPT, the text-generation chatbot. Our new research showed that …

The true numbers behind deepfake fraud

The use of artificial intelligence can result in the production of deepfakes that are becoming more realistic and challenging to differentiate from authentic content, …

Generative AI and security: Balancing performance and risk

Are we moving too fast with AI? This is a central question both inside and outside the tech industry, given the recent tsunami of attention paid to ChatGPT and other …

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