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artificial intelligence

fraud detection
Fighting financial fraud through fusion centers

Keeping up with financial fraud is incredibly difficult because accurate fraud detection requires a deep, real-time analysis of all the events surrounding a transaction. …

artificial intelligence
The role of human insight in AI-based cybersecurity

To unleash the power of AI, it’s essential to integrate some human input. The technical term is Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF): a machine-learning technique …

Moving target defense must keep cyber attackers guessing

A cybersecurity technique that shuffles network addresses like a blackjack dealer shuffles playing cards could effectively befuddle hackers gambling for control of a military …

Users looking for ChatGPT apps get malware instead

The massive popularity of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT has not gone unnoticed by cyber criminals: they are exploiting the public’s eagerness to experiment with it to …

ChatGPT is bringing advancements and challenges for cybersecurity

Understanding why ChatGPT is garnering so much attention takes a bit of background. Up until recently, AI models have been quite “dumb”: they could only respond to specific …

artificial intelligence
Cybersecurity takes a leap forward with AI tools and techniques

Scientists have taken a key step toward harnessing a form of artificial intelligence known as deep reinforcement learning, or DRL, to protect computer networks. Autonomus …

Luigi Lenguito
Can we predict cyber attacks? Bfore.AI says they can

Recently, at Cybertech Tel Aviv 2023, I met with Luigi Lenguito, CEO at Bfore.AI, who introduced me to their technology. In this Help Net Security interview, Lenguito talks …

How CISOs can improve security practices to keep up with evolving technologies

TikTok and Lensa AI have sparked worldwide conversations on the future of social media and consumer data privacy. In this Help Net Security video, Rick McElroy, Principal …

Generative AI: A benefit and a hazard

If there’s one thing people will remember about AI advances in 2022, it’ll be the advent of sophisticated generative models: DALL.E 2, Stable Diffusion, …

ChatGPT’s potential to aid attackers puts IT pros on high alert

51% of IT professionals predict that we are less than a year away from a successful cyberattack being credited to ChatGPT, and 71% believe that foreign states are likely to …

Daniel Spicer
ChatGPT is a bigger threat to cybersecurity than most realize

A language-generating AI model called ChatGPT, available for free, has taken the internet by storm. While AI has the potential to help IT and security teams become more …

Most consumers would share anonymized personal data to improve AI products

Despite a difficult economic environment, organizations continue to invest in privacy, with spending up significantly from $1.2 million just three years ago to $2.7 million …

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