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cybersecurity predictions
2024 cybersecurity outlook: A wave of global threats on the horizon

2024 is expected to witness a surge in cyberattacks driven by global events and the widespread accessibility of advanced technologies. In this Help Net Security round-up, we …

Top 2024 AppSec predictions

In this Help Net Security video, Shahar Man, CEO of Backslash Security, offers his top three AppSec predictions for 2024, uncovering future trends.

What AppSec and developers working in cloud-native environments need to know

All enterprise organizations are, in essence, software publishers, regardless of their industry. This is because every enterprise relies on custom software applications for …

Inadequate tools leave AppSec fighting an uphill battle for cloud security

AppSec teams are stuck in a catch-up cycle, unable to keep up with the increasingly rapid, agile dev pace, and playing security defense via an endless and unproductive …

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