2024 cybersecurity outlook: A wave of global threats on the horizon

2024 is expected to witness a surge in cyberattacks driven by global events and the widespread accessibility of advanced technologies.

In this Help Net Security round-up, we present segments from previously recorded videos where cybersecurity experts discuss predictions for 2024, providing a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities awaiting organizations.

Complete videos

  • Dara Gibson, Senior Cyber Insurance Manager at Optiv, discusses cyber insurance and what we should expect to see in 2024.
  • Fei Huang, VP of Security Strategy at SUSE, dives into the latest cybersecurity predictions, unveiling the trends shaping our online defenses and exploring how innovation will safeguard our digital lives.
  • Steve Cobb, CISO at SecurityScorecard, offers his take on what professionals can expect next year.
  • John Dwyer, Head of Research at IBM X-Force, discusses how 2024 is poised to be an incredibly impactful year for cyberattacks, driven by world events and access to advanced technologies like AI.
  • Shahar Man, CEO of Backslash Security, offers his top three AppSec predictions for 2024, uncovering future trends.
  • Nick Carroll, Cyber Incident Response Manager at Raytheon, discusses how while organizations will be challenged to strengthen their defenses faster than cyber threats are evolving, this ‘come from behind’ rush to keep pace with attackers can often lead to the harmful practice of organizations skipping the foundational basics of cyber defense and failing to establish a general sense of cyber awareness within the business.

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