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HelpSystems acquires Beyond Security to expand cyber protection portfolio

Beyond Security’s cloud-based products enable hundreds of organizations to easily scan their growing, complex environments for network or application vulnerabilities. The team …

5 cybersecurity trends MSPs must address in 2021

2020 was chock full of surprises and twists that no analyst could have predicted and came with a massive shift to remote working and tools that facilitate it. The good news is …

Information security goes non-binary

Finding security holes in information systems is as old as the first commercially available computer. Back when a “computer” was something that sat in a computer room, users …

Microsoft is right, mandatory password changes are obsolete

Microsoft has recently come out and said that mandatory password changing is ancient and obsolete. This goes directly against everything we were trained to think for the last …

Cisco plugs critical flaws in DNA Center and Prime Infrastructure

A new batch of vulnerabilities in various Cisco products has been fixed, three of which are critical. Cisco DNA Center vulnerabilities Two vulnerabilities affect Cisco Digital …

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