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Avast breached by hackers who wanted to compromise CCleaner again

Czech security software maker Avast has suffered another malicious intrusion into their networks, but the attackers didn’t accomplish what they apparently wanted: …

Hackers behind CCleaner compromise were after Intel, Microsoft, Cisco

There is a new twist in the CCleaner hack saga: the attackers apparently didn’t set out to compromise as many machines as possible, but were after some very specific …

A clearer picture of the CCleaner backdoor incident

On Monday, Cisco and Piriform – the Avast-owned company behind the popular CCleaner utility – announced that certain versions of the software have been backdoored …

Hackers backdoored CCleaner, likely affecting millions of users

Legitimately signed but backdoored versions of the popular CCleaner utility were available for download from the developer’s Web site and servers for nearly a month, …

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