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Preventing IDN homograph attacks from harming your brand/reputation

Phishing is, by and large, the most often used attacker tactic to trick victims into sharing useful information such as login credentials. More often than not, that means …

CEO guidance: Handling dynamic change in the cybersecurity industry

In a little over 18 months since SonicWall split from Dell, the company has become operationally and financially independent. “In fact, while achieving independence, we …

Broken glass
72% of CEOs admit they’ve taken intellectual property from a former employer

In a clear demonstration that top executives defy data security best practices and company policy, 72 percent of CEOs admit they’ve taken valuable intellectual property (IP) …

Do CEOs know enough about cyber security?

One-third of CEOs and 43 percent of management teams are not regularly briefed on cyber security issues, according to Dimensional Research. Additionally, while 79 percent of …

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