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Keeping control in complex regulatory environments

Modern compliance programs represent a strategic shift in how companies approach regulatory and ethical obligations. They are designed to not only mitigate risks and avoid …

Fix your IT weak spots to guarantee compliance

As the number of regulations grow each day, and are different depending on the sector, the consequence of not adhering to them has come more and more severe. It can massively …

Confessions of a CTO

Chief technology officers (CTOs) are typically juggling the joint responsibility of maintaining the organization’s overarching technology infrastructure and enabling business …

Avoiding the costly ESU cycle: Lessons learned from Windows 7 end-of-life

In June 2021, Microsoft announced the end-of-life date for Windows 10: 14 October 2025. From that point on, there will be no new updates or security fixes for the Home or Pro …

Cloudhouse acquires UpGuard Core to provide instant visibility of an entire IT infrastructure

Cloudhouse has acquired UpGuard Core, from third-party risk and attack surface management platform UpGuard. UpGuard Core will now be known as Cloudhouse Guardian, joining …

Most enterprises hit cloud migration problems, still run apps on legacy operating systems

More than nine out of 10 of US enterprises in the Dow Jones, Fortune 250 and 500, and S&P 100 have run into cloud migration problems when it comes to moving legacy …

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