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MobSF: Open-source security research platform for mobile apps

The Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an open-source research platform for mobile application security, encompassing Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. MobSF can be used for …

RiskInDroid: Open-source risk analysis of Android apps

RiskInDroid (Risk Index for Android) is an open-source tool for quantitative risk analysis of Android applications based on machine learning techniques. How RiskInDroid works …

Kevin Valk
What does optimal software security analysis look like?

In this Help Net Security interview, Kevin Valk, co-CEO at Codean, discusses the consequences of relying solely on automated tools for software security. He explains how these …

Facebook tools
Facebook open-sources a static analyzer for Python code

Need a tool to check your Python-based applications for security issues? Facebook has open-sourced Pysa (Python Static Analyzer), a tool that looks at how data flows through …

Security Compass
Automate manual security, risk, and compliance processes in software development

The future of business relies on being digital – but all software deployed needs to be secure and protect privacy. Yet, responsible cybersecurity gets in the way of what any …

Microsoft Application Inspector: Check open source components for unwanted features

Want to know what’s in an open source software component before you use it? Microsoft Application Inspector will tell you what it does and spots potentially unwanted …

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